Fresh Verse 2024

The Stroll of Poets is proud to offer another version of Fresh Verse to conclude our Haven Reading series at The Upper Crust Café on May 13th, 2024. It is a terrific ending to another great year and the Haven committee looks forward to hosting you all again next year starting in mid-September. Have a good summer break Strollers.

Come out to see fledgling writers soar, come out to hear rising voices roar, enjoy open mic, refreshments, good company and more, just five bucks gets you in at the door. We hope that you will appreciate fresh verses presented by six of Edmonton’s emerging young poets, Rachel Glessing, Sanvi Regmi, Prisha Pandey, Jolie DeShane, Emma Marian, and Joshua QuerijeroOur mic host will be Cole Davidson and our door hosts will be Anne Gerard Marshall and Vivian Zenari.
The Stroll of Poets is honoured to promote the messages of young voices in order to encourage youth to create poetry such as these powerful words borrowed from this poem by the OddOddysey Poet, a 24 year old poet from Zimbabwe:


Dear Old Poet
Oh, dear poet of old, as I ponder on our shared past,

The irony of time’s turn, a role reversal unsurpassed.

Once, you stood as the elder, wise and experienced,

Now, I find myself in your shoes, the one more advanced.


Nostalgia floods my being, memories resurfacing anew,

Like the innocent words we penned, when youth first drew.

Together we crafted a poem, a tale of popcorn’s delight,

At the tender age of ten, our creativity took flight.


How funny it is, when memories unexpectedly arise,

Recalling mischievous days, crafting love’s sweet guise.

Love letters for our peers, seeking help to express,

Feelings for their school crushes, a secret we’d address.


Those were the days of sharing lunches and causing a stir,

Chaos on the school buses, moments that now seem a blur.

This retrospective piece, a tribute to your resilience,

Facing challenges hidden, from prying adult’s brilliance.


I remember your struggles, grappling with life’s profound,

Questions of death and despair, a tightrope you walked around.

Contemplating drastic measures, to end your inner pain,

Yet, you persevered, your strength not in vain.


Your self-doubt and longing, they resonate within me,

The search for belonging, a struggle to truly be free.

But fear not, dear poet, for growth has come our way,

In finding our place, confidence blossoms each passing day.


Oh, how I lament the time we abandoned our pens,

Resorting to spoken words, a silence that never mends.

But after five long years, we reunited with our true art,

And the joy it brings, the growth, a masterpiece’s start.


If only I could assure you, every word you write will be seen,

Celebrated and acknowledged, by eyes that have never been.

But alas, the reality is oftentimes unseen,

Yet, hold on to old dreams, for progress lies in between.


The journey may seem daunting, the finish line afar,

But take that brave step, and let your light become a star.

For in the depths of your soul, the fire of passion burns,

And with each word you write, a new chapter, the world learns.