Haven Reading Series

The Haven Reading Series is the main event for our members to share their poetry in front of a supportive audience in an atmosphere both friendly and inviting. The series runs from September to March on Monday evenings at the Upper Crust Café and some Sunday afternoons at Audreys Books.

Each Haven features four Stroll members who have signed up for their 10-minute reading in advance. Each Haven also features a two-minute Open Mic. The Open Mic is always popular for new and existing members alike. It’s a chance to practice ahead of a scheduled reading or an important way for first timers to feel welcome (and get them hooked on the Stroll!). We do our best to prioritize new readers or first time readers.

The Haven is open to all attend and listen. A $5 fee is charged at the door Monday nights at the Upper Crust to cover the venue cost and snacks. Sunday readings at Audreys Books are free of charge.

Volunteers help as Mic and Door Hosts: the Mic Host acts as emcee; the Door Host greets people as they arrive. The hosts are essential in supporting the Haven Committee to run a smooth and enjoyable Haven!

Sign Up to be a Scheduled Haven Reader

  • Renew or become a member (for membership info visit Join The Stroll ).
  • Attend a Haven to get familiar with the event.
  • Choose the date you wish, complete the form and submit.*
  • Confirm when the Haven Committee sends a reminder.
  • Readers do not have to pay the $5 fee.

Sign Up to be a Mic Host or Door Host

  • Choose the date, select the role you would like to volunteer for, complete the form and submit.*
  • Confirm when the Haven Committee sends a reminder.
  • Mic and Door Hosts do not have to pay the $5 fee.
  • Learn more about the Mic Host and Door host at Join The Stroll.

*The sign up page will be available in August 2019.

n.b. If you do not have email access you may still sign up by contacting the Stroll’s Administrative Assistant Ellen Kartz at 780-422-8216.

The Stroll of Poets is committed to creating a welcoming, respectful, and harassment-free environment for its board, members, and guests. The Stroll’s Discrimination & Harassment Policy is intended to prevent and deal with discrimination and harassment in a fair, effective, and efficient manner to maintain a climate of respect and inclusion.