The Stroll of Poets Odyssey

Look Back              –            Look Ahead
Over the path to here         To the road from here

You are invited to retrace the steps of the Stroll’s 30 year journey to this point and to set a course for its future direction.

Saturday, June 17
2:00 pm
Unity Edmonton Centre
11715E – 108 Avenue N.W.

Announcing the rollout of The Stroll of Poets historical archives which will be made available on the Stroll of Poets website. Join us for coffee, tea, wine and a dessert potluck event at Unity Edmonton Centre (11715E – 108 Avenue N.W.) at 2:00 PM on Saturday, June 17th as we preview archived historical events, publications, memorials, press coverage, and social media posts of the past 30 years of The Stroll of Poets Society.

After a short intermission we will continue with round table discussions of future initiatives and possible pathways for our poetic community to explore.

Historical Stroll memorabilia will be available for purchase. There will also be door prizes and a raffle.

Come and join in the thirty Year Anniversary Celebration!

Thank You from the Stroll!

The Stroll of Poets board of directors and the Haven committee would like to express our appreciation to all members of the Stroll who signed up to read, mic host, and/or door host during our Haven Reading Series 2022 – 2023 season.

The return to in-person gatherings was a bit of a gamble and a big change from the past couple of seasons where readings were held online. Thanks to all of you for your response to this pivot.

While we were able to meet again with our friends and fellow poets to listen to so many entertaining readings, it was a terrific year with a remarkable conclusion. Attendance was high throughout the year, and Fresh Verse was exciting and an enjoyable note for every one to end on.

A round of applause goes out to our Haven committee members who worked diligently to ensure that the season ran with very few glitches:

  • John Leppard
  • Janis Dow-Durnin
  • Naomi McIlwraith
  • Loren Marsden
  • Anne Gerard Marshall
  • Max Vandersteen

See you all again in September!