Join the Stroll

New and established poets, friends or fans of poetry are welcome to join.  Annual memberships are: $25 regular & $20 for students.

Membership entitles you to:

  • Perform a 10-minute reading at one of the Poets’ Haven Readings
  • Publish one poem in our annual anthology
  • Receive a copy of The Stroll of Poets Anthology for that year
  • Vote at our Annual General Meeting in March. (Check out the Bylaws.)
  • Receive the weekly Stroll Newsletter about upcoming poetry readings, events or volunteer opportunities

New members can join the Stroll HERE.

Returning members can renew their membership HERE.

Memberships are effective from the date of the AGM to the date of the following year’s AGM.

Read at the Poets’ Haven
For more information about performing an 8-minute reading of your poetry visit Haven Reading Series

Volunteer With The Stroll
The success of the Stroll comes from the help of many volunteers. There is a variety of jobs that may interest you. For more details see Volunteer Job Descriptions.

To volunteer for these positions contact administrative assistant Christyn Carter at 780-422-8216 or via email at

The Stroll of Poets is committed to creating a welcoming, respectful, and harassment-free environment for its board, members, and guests. The Stroll’s Discrimination & Harassment Policy is intended to prevent and deal with discrimination and harassment in a fair, effective, and efficient manner to maintain a climate of respect and inclusion.