Suggested Considerations for a Land Acknowledgement

Abbreviated List of Considerations:

  1. What is the purpose of this land or territory acknowledgement? Why am I doing it?
  2. Whose ancestral territory am I acknowledging? What do I need to know about them, their land, their traditions, and their sacred places so I can enter into a responsible relationship with them…?
  3. What is my relationship to this territory? What are my responsibilities in caring for this land?
  4. What are my next steps after this land acknowledgement? How am I going to continue to build and develop relationships with Indigenous individuals and communities that support their work and that help to steward the land that we now share?

**The above is an excerpt from:
Christine Luckasavitch: “Paddling Through Indigenous Homelands: Land Acknowledgements and Settler Responsibilities” p. xiv from Paddling Pathways: Reflections from a Changing Landscape.


One more consideration: 

Have I said “Thank you” to my Indigenous hosts and their forebears for letting me and my forebears live here on this land?”

Though you may not incorporate all of these ideas as you compose your own personalised and meaningful land acknowledgement, we hope you will consider the merit of these suggestions.