A Message from the President

Dear Strollers,

On Sunday March 21st, we completed a successful AGM on Zoom with 26 Stroll members in attendance. A round of applause goes out to Naomi McIlwraith for her technical support-with-pizzazz. A big thank you to Don Perkins, our Returning Officer, who joined Lisa Mulrooney in a behind-the-scenes ballet of ballots! The successful AGM team effort was led by former President John Leppard, and John has now passed his excellent leadership torch to myself, Janis Dow. As your new President, I shall carry the Stroll torch with love and respect.

This season, we’re excited to welcome Loren Marsden and Max Vandersteen to our leadership team! Loren and Max have both been enthusiastically active in “Haven at Home” evenings as well as Parkland Poetry readings. Our returning group of board members consists of Alice Major, Anne Gerard Marshall, Naomi McIlwraith, Markus Eymann and Shirley Serviss. We’re so fortunate to have this wonderful and dedicated group of individuals to run this long-standing organization.

Our new board will hold their first meeting in April and we look forward to a new season to celebrate 30 amazing years of the “Stroll of Poets”!

May this find you and your families safe and well as we move into the last portion of our season before summer. In the fall we plan to welcome you back either face-to-face or online as we move forward with anticipation of great things to come.  

Best regards,
Janis Dow