2015 Stroll Anthology

The 2015 Stroll Anthology is out!2015 Anthology
The March 22 Annual General Meeting launched the 2015 Stroll of Poets Anthology.
Edited by Deborah Lawson, it contains a poem by each of the 80 poets who read in the winter Haven Reading Series.
More info to come.

The AGM also elected the following to the 2015-16 board:

John Leppard, President
Marco Melfi
Alice Major
Linda Papineau-Couture
Janaan Dekker
Anne Gerard Marshall
Matt Dekker



The keep-it-going Stroll FUNdraiser!

It’s a special evening of a friendly poetry competition at On The Rocks. The money raised goes straight to Stroll of Poets programming.


  1. The first 12 poets through the door with $20 are the competitors.
  2. There will be 5 judges of non-poets chosen from the crowd.
  3. The three judging criteria are:* Crowd Interaction/Response- how crowd reacts to poem and poet.   Meaning they are scoring on how they hear the poem and understand it.
  4. * Content Comprehension- this is for the individual judge.
  5. * The Delivery- confidence, control and command.
  6. All three criteria have a max score out of ten for a combination of 30 points.
  7. The first round will have all 12 poets read one of their own works, then the judges will tally the scores. The top 6 move on to the final round.
  8. The top 6 will read one more of their works and once the judges have tallied the scores then there will be two prizes.
  9. The first prize is $100, second prize is $50.


*March 10th, 2015 at On The Rocks 11740 Jasper Avenue

*Doors and poet sign up at 6:30- Poetry Competition starts at 7pm and goes till 9pm

*To compete it is $20 and to come support the competitors it is $10 at the door.

*Poets who are competing please bring two of your best pieces and make sure each poem DOES NOT exceed 2 minutes.

Come One, Come All! Bring your best-Be the “Poet On Fire”-And you might walk away with cash!

The Stroll is Edmonton’s oldest poetry organization and an open door for poets at all levels of experience. Help keep it going/growing. Can’t make it to the competition? Drop a donation in the box at the next regular Stroll event or send a cheque to: Stroll of Poets c/o Ellen Kartz, Partnerships and Communication Coordinator, Writers’ Guild of Alberta, Percy Page Centre, 11759 Groat Road Edmonton AB T5M 3K6.

BLINKS 2015!

Would you like to be involved in developing one of the most exciting events of the poetry year? The annual madness known as ‘The Blinks’ is coming April 20 and we’re putting things in motion! To join the Blinks team, contact John Leppard through our contact page.

Please welcome Ellen Kartz

as the new Communications and Partnerships Coordinator for the Writers’ Guild of Alberta. Born and raised in Edmonton, Ellen lived in Calgary for four years while completing her Bachelor of Arts degree. Subsequently, she completed a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. As a student she tutored other students to pay her way through university; she has also taught guitar and played the instrument since she was 12 years old.

An active writer and freelance editor throughout her career, Ellen worked with and for the Edmonton Poetry Festival for many years as a volunteer coordinator, event planner, founding member, and board member. She says that she is thrilled and excited to come to the Writers’ Guild of Alberta after all of her other literary and artistic endeavours. Ellen is equally excited to work on behalf of the Edmonton Stroll of Poets in her role at the WGA.