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In order to keep pace with rising operational costs and continue providing effective services to our membership, effective September 1st, 2014, there will be a change to our fee structure. Regular memberships will be $25 and Full-Time Student memberships will be $20.

The Stroll seeks expressions of interest from facilitators to conduct the following workshops:

1. November 15, 2014. Poetic Form. An overview of the classification of the theories of poetry: mimetic, pragmatic, expressive, objective; and how each enables the individual voice of the poets.
2. December 13, 2014. Publishing Your Poetry.
3. January 24, 2015. Poetic Metre, Line, and Foot. The difference between the line as a unit of attention and as a unit of sense. An examination of monometer through octameter, and those feet most common in English prosody’s accentual verse: iamb, anapest, trochee, dactyl, spondee, and pyrrhic.

All workshops are scheduled as half-day, Saturday morning sessions, 9:30 a.m. to noon. Depending upon demand, all workshops may be expanded to two (or more) identical sections, with afternoon sessions scheduled from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. The default location is the Milner Public Library, 6th floor, Meeting Room 5, in downtown Edmonton. The default maximum attendance is 15. Defaults may be overridden by facilitator recommendations.

The honorarium for the half day is $250; for a full day with an identical second section, $400.

Please email, in Word format, a one page expression of interest, specifying the workshop to be facilitated, with a description of approach, educational objectives, working syllabus, and a paragraph outlining relevant credentials and experience, by Friday, September 12th, 2014, to:

Let It Flow-2014

Feel like your words have been dammed up all summer? It's time to open the Stroll floodgates for fall!

The Haven Reading Series starts September 8th and we welcome everyone back to read a poem on this opening night. Sign up to pour out your liquid syllables, your aqueous adjectives, your rapid-roaring lines.

Think current, think drink. Think canoe, ocean, anchor, adrift. Channel tap water, bathwater, ice water, backwater. Bring your words about rain, ripples, torrents or garden hoses. Come launch yourself on the stream!

Where: Upper Crust Cafe

When: Monday September 8th at 7 pm.

Our standard $5 cover charge covers coffee and treats.

And the rules are: one poem, 2 minutes max- after that, the bell-buoy sounds and you're sunk!


Welcome Back Poets!

Your Stroll of Poets' membership entitles you to a 10 minute reading slot at one of our 2014/2015 Poets' Haven reading Series events. Follow this link: to find a date that works for you. This popular series fills up quickly so don't delay. Sign ups will also be open at that time if you'd like to help out as a door host or mic host for one of the events. If you have any questions or concerns contact the Haven Coordinators:

John Leppard:
Marco Melfi:

Duties of a mic host:  Upper Crust Restaurant or Audreys Books
•Duties of a door host at the Upper Crust
•Poet's etiquette 


The Stroll of Poets welcomes new members.  Please read if you are a new member or considering membership: welcome message


 •Audreys Books - Indulge your passion for reading, one page at a time, at one of Edmonton's independent bookstores in Edmonton.
 •Upper Crust - Relax over great food in a cosy atmosphere in Garneau.

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