Stroll of Poets Call for Volunteers – Blinks 2023!

The Blinks are back…

The Stroll of Poets executive board would like to invite members to respond to a call for help in the formation of a committee to assist with carrying out our planned event for the upcoming Edmonton Poetry Festival at the end of April this year. It has been several years since the Stroll participated in the EPF by hosting an event due to the pandemic conditions.

The intention for this year is to host the return of the “Blinks” Poetry Evening, previously produced by the Stroll of Poets for several years. In this event poets are restricted to 30 seconds to complete the reading of their poem by a ready group of musical enforcers which can lead to or result in a lot of fun for all. We are hoping that this will allow for a good many poets to participate in the evening.

Although some pre-work has been done we will require a group of people to assist with planning the details, preparation for the event, and carrying out tasks on the evening of the Blinks poetry readings.

If you would like to learn more or volunteer to help with this committee please contact the board through the Stroll mailbox: