Take the 30/30 Challenge with the Stroll!

 is National Poetry Writing Month – the perfect time to read poetry and write! 30/30 is a personal challenge to write 30 poems (however unfinished they may be) in 30 days. It takes you out of your comfort zone, gets your creative juices flowing, and it is fun – especially when doing it with others!

Join in by emailing Trudy Grienauer at ppnindo@gmail.com.

The Stroll has come together for 30/30 since 2017, and as we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year it will be a great opportunity to share poetry and support each other in trying to write every day. The group will use daily prompts and guidance from various resources on the web. These are optional of course – you can write about anything you want! Poems will be shared among the group via Google docs (only accessible to those who sign up).

PS: If you have already responded for a 30/30 volunteer role, you don’t have to sign up again.