Message from John Leppard

Hello my friends,

It is my greatest hope that you are all safe, comfortable and well.

We are certainly enduring some turbulent times right now. For those most dramatically impacted by COVID-19, I am sending an abundance of virtual good wishes and support. Some members of our community may be feeling the emotional effects of social distancing more than others. If you know of a Stroll friend who may be experiencing such a challenge, please consider reaching out to lend some support. We are stronger together, my friends, never more so than now.

Along our thirty-year journey we have had challenges and overcame them, had successes and celebrated them, and always at the heart of our organization continues to be the poems and poets. These will endure regardless of the length of time needed to heal our world and put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror.

I am grateful to the efforts of some of our members for providing creative leadership to keep our poetry flame alive. I encourage you to check out the invitations from Gary Garrison, Trudy Greinauer and our Parkland Poetry friends, outlined in our newsletter and Facebook page. Please let us know of any on-line collaborations you may be involved in that may be of interest to other members. We will do our best to promote and support you. You may contact me at

The Stroll board is monitoring the ever-unfolding changes this viral event is eliciting. We are confident that when things stabilize we will again meet and share our verse, face to face and heart to heart. Details on a future date for our AGM and anthology release will be made available when we have a clearer picture of what the future holds. We will continue to provide updates in our newsletter and on social media as needed.

Until then, my friends, on behalf of the board and associates, I wish you peace.

Yours in verse,
John Leppard