Stroll Members’ Poetry Page

The Stroll of Poets wishes to extend our deepest sympathies to the workers, families and residents of Fort McMurray. A special thanks to David Brydges for the following poem in support of the Fort McMurray relief efforts.

My Country, My Heroes

Boreal forest tinder fuels a perfect firestorm.
Horse creek wildfire gallops into Fort McMurray.
Beacon Hill is devoured by this ferocious beast.
Hellish grey sky obliterates scorched horizon.
Oil Sands company work camps shelter evacuees.
Firefighters fight “multi-headed monster”
with heroic endurances.

Ashes like snow flickers on blackened ground.
Residents escape vicious sparks, heat.
Propane bottles explode in a war zone.
Smoke chokes lungs from inferno.
Terrified children hug teddy bears,
robot dogs, while parent’s drive south.
Burnt trucks, charred basements,
skeleton trees remain after fires pass.

All very surreal until,
Red Cross Alberta fires appeal.
While flames rose higher, so did fire to give.
Canadians open their hearts, their wallets.

A new bride loses her wedding dress.
Social media angels offer old gowns,
until Toronto store gifts 2 dresses.
Good Samaritan drives his tidy tank to fill
vehicles stranded in Edmonton convoy.
Syrian refugees are donating toys.
Emergency workers set up cots, blankets
and pillows for newly arrived refugees.

What of the animal’s natural habitat?
Did bear, fox, deer, flee, or did they die?

Amidst shambles Phoenix
rises above wilderness ashes.
Purple wings fresh and youthfull,
fly with reborn message of hope.
The future will be green.

David C. Brydges