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Stroll of Poets Society
c/o Writers Guild of Alberta
Percy Page Centre
11759 Groat Road
Edmonton, AB T5M 3K6

New members are advised to:
1st. attend a reading
2nd. sign-up at the venue for an Open Mic 2-min. reading
3rd. sign-up online for a scheduled 10-min. reading

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I wish to volunteer to work on

   ☐ Stroll Anthology proof-reading
   ☐ Door Hosting at the Upper Crust
   ☐ Mic Hosting at the Upper Crust
   ☐ Mic Hosting at Audreys Books
   ☐ Blinks Planning Committee
   ☐ Sound System Assistant
Please include my name, number and email address in the directory distributed to Stroll members.
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Annual membership fee:
   ☐ $25 (valid until the next AGM in late March)
   ☐ $20 Full-time Student
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